Saturday, 18 October 2014

Signing, selling and sighing...


I hope you've had a nice Saturday wherever you are. At 9 o'clock this morning, I went off to the Craft Fair at a nearby town and set up my stall. It was a little different from the last time though, oh dear,  I forgot to take any photos of it.

I had made a few new posters for displaying, having decided to perk up my 'TOPAZ EYES ' area of the table and used the photos on the left. Read on to find out more...

The morning was a bit slow, not too many customers popping in to browse but by noon things were looking up. I had a few sales and talked to a number of potential customers but there's that thing about getting the sales pitch just right - I'm still very much the novice. A few I thought might buy, didn't, but a couple I didn't expect bought more than one title. Now that makes the day worthwhile. Sigh!!

Everyone who bought today either asked me to sign the novels or were happy for me to sign when I asked if they'd like me to. the jury is still out on whether the new posters made a difference but it was noticeable that I sold more of my mystery thriller TOPAZ EYES today, than I did of my historical novels.

Christmas approaches and looks to be a good time for me to package my books really effectively as gifts. I've a booking for a 2 day very large Christmas Craft Fair coming up soon so we'll see what happens there.

Think I'll get to work on that and see what I can do well in advance.

ps I maybe need to work harder at the sales pitch because I've yet to sell loads at one event. Hmmm...thinking....
sighing.... Not quite making those millions yet.

Should you be interested in my novels they're available from all sorts of places...
like Amazon, B&N, Waterstones, Samashwords, Crooked Cat Publishing. Click on the links on the right sidebar to ake you there- it's really simple.


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