Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday mutterings...

Happy Monday!

I thought I'd get loads of writing done today but fate intervened in the form of an offer I just couldn't pass up on. My email dings incoming mail but only when the programme is minimised. It was quite late morning when I checked my mailbox - my decision having been to write before I looked at any distracting mail or Facebook messages. 

One of the email messges gave me a 50% discount on ordering promotional materials. 

Whoopee! I had been intending to make me a vertical banner, so off I went to design a personalised one. A good while later... maybe three hours since lunch intervened...I had different designs. 

From the very simple... like the look that's on my business card.


To just showing the historical aspects of my writing. 

That didn't seem fair on my contemporary work so I had another go for that writing. 

Since the offer was a one-day event I settled for a slightly fussy design with both of my images added to the one that resembles my business cards and sent off my order. 

It's only now that I realise I really wanted some kind of endorsement on my banner- like someone's comment in a review! Too late. 

 I guess maybe I'll have to display that in some other way.

Mt background is pristine white...but I guess that Blogger needs some distinction so they've very kindly given it a bluish hue. Try to imagine a seriously white background. 

ps While I was at it I designed a wraparound design for some mugs. 

 Why this one has come out white, as it should be, baffles me but it's too late for me to fret about it. (insert *smiley face*)



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