Monday, 6 October 2014

Laying paving

Monday Moments

Happy Monday to you!

So, it looks very much like my laying of paving slabs is rained off today. Yesterday I managed outside for a couple of hours and laid the grand total of 6 …almost 7. It’s almost 7 because I got a seventh laid perfectly level but discovered that the size of the square just didn’t quite match the others. I know laying slabs isn’t an exact science but I felt the gap was maybe just a bit too large. It was almost dinner time so I gave up, deciding that today I’d try another slab and see if it fit better.

That idea was scuppered when I woke up to a howling gale and heavy rain.

Guess the improvements at my door might have to wait till tomorrow.

Laying slabs is a bit like my writing, though. 

I put something down and assess it. It’s not quite balanced: doesn’t quite fit. The words need a little re-arranging, or some new ones instead. With the paving I might add some more sand to level a corner- in my writing I add and take away words and phrases.

When I have perfect balance in my slab laying I’ll be hoping for the same satisfaction in my writing. Nice and balanced and level throughout. That’s not meaning in any way boring- but just right!

The good thing about the rain and wind today means I don’t have to feel guilty about juggling too many different tasks over the day. My Celtic/Roman time travelling awaits.

I think you know how I’ll be spending my afternoon and evening. 


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