Monday, 13 October 2014

Expected by Sarah England

Monday Moments

I'm still catching up with those reviews of books read. Here are my thoughts on Expected by Sarah England.

There are plenty of chuckles in this little gem. This is a very amusing journey to self-worth. Reaching the destination of being a woman in control of her own future, and confident in her own appearance and capabilities, is a huge revelation to the sometimes hapless heroine, Sam Sweet. Sarah England’s blend of humour and witty writing makes for an exciting read. Trapped into a future she doesn’t really want, with marriage to Simon and babies on order, makes Sam just a little bit panicky. I’m not surprised since Simon isn’t the most likeable character- though he’s extremely well-depicted by the author. He might be earning the big bucks as a surgeon but he's not the most endearing character, and treating Sam as a unpaid doormat cum housekeeper doesn't win him my brownie points.

Manic days at work, where everything that can go wrong for Sam seem to do just that, keep the pace of the story romping on, compelling the reader to turn the pages to see what Sam will get up to next. Her exploits with lip enhancement definitely put me off ever going near anyone who purports to make 'plastic' improvements to any body part. It's a relief to know that the clumsy Sam isn't actually all that clumsy at all but I won't spoil it for any potential reader by giving any more details.

I enjoyed how the author allows the reader to understand how Sam perceives herself at the beginning, which contrasts with her much more positive self-perspective at the end- issues not always easy to portray. Sam emerges as a self-assured woman who knows she is a person of note and worthy of great love from the correct man. 

If you want an amusing easy read, of a sort-of 'Bridget Jones' type genre, then I can certainly recommend Expected to you.  

I gave this 5* on Amazon. 


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