Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Moments - nostalgic items from the boxroom

I'm in between writing novels just now having sent off my 2 manuscripts for follow-on novels to THE BELTANE CHOICE to my publisher. Before I embark on picking up the saga that already has around 14 thou words and a more than vague outline plot, I’ve been taking a necessary break to do routine things like tidy up the clutter that accumulates around me and my house.

Having cleared out a lot of cupboards, I find that the only things I've been able to toss out are clothes I don't wear and will probably never wear again. They're not old enough to be vintage items so I’m not keeping them!

What I am keeping are all the old sentimental items that have come to me through inheritance, as gifts from friends and items which were bought for me many years ago.

The pastime items are of varying ages.

This pink Bakelite toy tea set belonged to my cousin (born 1942). I expect the set was bought sometime in the 1940s and was well played with, though also well cared for. When it came to me after my cousin died of a brain haemorrhage in her middle twenties the set had two forks missing and another fork with missing tines. By the time my own daughters were playing with the set during the 1980s a plate had a serious crack in it and a saucer is now also cracked. Otherwise the tea set is a fantastic little gem – fragile but fabulous.

The set of Tiddledy Winks was given to me by a neighbour friend around 30 years ago. The set itself is very old but exactly how old I’m not sure. The pieces are wooden and very well worn, some with baby nibbles on them – used a teething soothers at some time or other. The wooden cup isn’t in the box at present but I’m sure it  is still somewhere around the house and will hopefully turn up and be reunited with the set.   

This double deck of playing belonged to my parents-in-law and was regarded as a best set-though it was often played with.

I hardly remember the games we played with them but Gin Rummy comes to mind. The leather case is still in good condition, the cards a bit worn but still very play-able.

I'm off to have fun now. 
Note: These items are also likely to appear on my Facebook pages as part of my 'nostalgia' posts. So many bits and pieces to choose from to share. 

No -  I haven't thrown anything like these away. Yes -  they are stored more tidily!

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  1. This is beautiful! There was a set of Tiddledy Winks at home, but I had no idea what they were, or how to use them :D Hadn't thought of them in years! Thanks for sparking a bit of nostalgia for me, too :)


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