Friday, 2 August 2013

Fly off with me to…

 *****A first birthday giveaway*****

TAKE ME NOW my fun, contemporary, sensual, ‘corporate sabotage’ mystery is about to have its first birthday! The year that has passed since August 3rd 2012 has gone amazingly fast and any former notion I had of organising a spectacular birthday celebration is not likely now since there’s technically only a few hours left before the year is up.
(My excuse is that I've been too busy writing my sequels to my historical novel)

Nairn Malcolm, my hot highland hero, isn’t quite the stereotypical sword and kilt wearing highland hunk of many recent Scottish romances - though I can easily see him in that get-up – but he is based at a Scottish island castle near the town of Oban on the west coast of Scotland.
Aela Cameron is a gorgeous lass from Vancouver, Canada, who has absolutely everything that Nairn needs in an employee. In fact, she fits the ‘general factotum’ slot absolutely perfectly! No ordinary secretary, Aela can operate all of Narin's fantastic transport which is exactly what he needs. His floatplane is his pride and joy but he finds Aela is even better at flying it than he is when they run into a  bit of stormy weather!
 Aela flies her new boss Nairn to some fabulous destinations on business though it’s not all fun along the way. 

Someone has been harming Nairn Malcolm and sabotaging his adventure sports businesses – and Aela is just the feisty lass to help him find the culprit.

London, Barcelona, Paris, Tallinn (Estonia), Muscat (Oman), The Caribbean, New York…. Are some of the destinations they visit.

If you’d like to win yourself an e-copy all you need to do to enter the draw is leave me a message in the comments box along with a way of contacting you (email or FB contact) should you be my winner! 

(The draw will take place at noon (GMT) on Sunday 4th August) 

GOOD LUCK  and enjoy a fun sensual read!


I also have some review e-copies available. If you’d like to read and review please contact me. (My email address if on the right sidebar.) 


ps Isn't this a gorgeous rose? Don't know if Aela would like it from Nairn but I think she would! Photographed this morning in my garden.

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