Friday, 12 July 2013

Familiarise Friday meets Emily Fletcher

Familiarise Friday meets Emily Fletcher from Ultimate Sacrifice  - Book Three of the 'spine chilling' paranormal Merryweather Lodge Series by award winning Canadian author, Pauline Holyoak

I put some quick question to Emily so that we can know a little about her: 

Describe yourself to us using only 6 words. 
A dreamer and free thinking, extrovert.

Aha! That sounds intriguing! Where are you from? 
A small city in Alberta, Canada.

I have a feeling you're a well travelled girl. Where are you currently living?  
Wiltshire, England. In a remote little cottage, not far from Stonehenge.

That is a fantastic place to visit. What would be your most favourite place in the whole world/universe. 
The English countryside. It gets my creative juices flowing and inspires me. It’s like a smorgasbord, to the artistically inclined.

Who do you think would be an ideal holiday companion if you took off on a sudden unplanned trip? My boyfriend, Jonathan McArthur. He is my (literal) soul mate.

What’s your main occupation just now? 
Writer – Author.

Are you a gadget freak, or a technophobe? 
Gadget freak, I suppose. But there’s not much call for modern technology, out here in the boonies.

If I gave you a whole week where you could choose every single thing -what would you do? 
I’d love to spend a couple of days on the coast, pop over to France, on a ferry, perhaps. I have always wanted to see the ocean. I’d loved to go up to London on a shopping spree. Do I get some cash to go with my gift? A ride on the Orient Express, would be awesome! A cruise down the Thames, with the man of my dreams, would be so romantic. But most of all, more than anything, I would like to spend an uneventful, peaceful week here, at Merryweather Lodge. Without being teased, tested or terrorized by my unearthly advisory. A whole week in my fairytale kingdom, without the sinister twist.    

I get the impression you have something you want to avoid just now. What is it?
The entity that haunts this place. I thought I had put her to rest but she’s back, with a vengeance!

Wow! Let's change that creepy subject to something very mundane. What new cuisine would you like to try? 
Vegan. I am a vegetarian, so I’m halfway there.

Thank you, Emily, for joining us today. Best wishes with that task of yours! 

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  1. Thank you for inviting my protagonist to your blog, Nancy.

    1. You are both very welcome, Pauline. Emily sounds like quite a character!


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