Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lobelia Siphilitica..or not?

I'm back to garden news today.

This is one of my unsung heroes of the garden. It took me a while to identify it, and truth be told I'm still not so sure that I have. As far as I can tell this beautiful stately plant may be Lobelia Siphilitica. I inherited it when I moved in 25 years ago and I'm delighted that I've not killed it off

It pops up in many places around my garden, year after year, and never fails to delight. It doesn't last long when in flower, but it's one of my favourites. Tall and stately it is a good backdrop plant.

It's easy to split and since it pops up it,it seems to self seed as well.

I like the upright leaves which grow fairly quickly and hope not to miss the flowering period. Even a weekend spent away from home can mean missing the best of the delicate flower.

According to Wikipedia "It is an herbaceous, perennial dicot native to eastern and central Canada and United States. Growing up to three feet tall, it lives in zones 4 to 9 in moist to wet soils. It produces a spike of zygomorphic flowers in the late summer."

Since I live in north east Scotland, I think the chances of replicating weather conditions similar to Canada is quite likely. 

The flowers here are almost spent but look closely and you'll see that the bees love this plant!

If anyone can definitely identify this plant for me, I'll be very pleased if you drop me a line.



  1. Hi Nancy, I think what you have there is more likely to be a Campanula or Adenophora. It may be difficult to identify which exact species or cultivar. Some similar-looking ones: Campanula 'Van Houttei', Campanula latifolia 'Brantwood', and Adenophora lilifolia. Brantwood looks the closest to me, but it could certainly be something else.

    1. It has always been difficult to identify, Anne, since I was not the one who planted it. I have a few items that I've never conclusively identified but thank you for your ideas and comments!


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