Monday 15 July 2013

Monday Moment - I wish you could smell this!


I've got Lara Nance featuring over on my 'features' blog today (access via tab above) so I'm posting a cheery little set of photos from my garden for this Monday Moment.

This year, with the aid of my toddler granddaughter, my garden looks better than it has for some time. I've got a whole heap of regular plants that visit me - ie they grow regardless of what I do to them - but I've also got some really nice new ones, planted by said granddaughhter earlier this year in seed form and bulbs.

One of my July favourites is what I call my 'BUBBLE GUM' bush - because the sweet scent reminds me of that more than its common name of ORANGE BLOSSOM.  The philadelphus appears in quite a few places around my garden, cuttings having been taken from the original and set up in a new location. I can't take the credit for planting this one; the original was here when I moved in 25 years ago. I just wish I could transport the scent of it- it is ovepowering but fantastic. 

I had a little box full of old/ opened seed packets going back quite a few years which had been stored in an outhouse for quite a while. Not frost free and a tad damp I was not expecting any miracles when the two of us planted the seeds pretty randomly in April. It was more of a) something to do with a lively 18 month old b) a different sort of distraction c) a new learning curve since said toddler loves to be outside in all weathers d) first forays into gardening. All of those apply!

I also bought some bulbs at the £ store - a cheap buy in case our planting skills failed. 

Well, Surprise, Surprise! 

I have some lovely colour dotted around. 


My pots 'out front'- I don't call it a patio  since it's just the chuckies outside the front door - have increased this year and there's been great colour there since May. 



I love this new little sparaxis!

My sambuccus on the side drive is only around 7 years old but is particularly lovely this year. 

I've got lots more photos so look out for more soon. 

ps- when my current 2 novels are through my last draft stages (almost there)I'll be posting loads of MY GARDEN photos on my Pinterest page!



  1. Hello Nancy-
    I too love gardening and your photos are charming and make me wish I lived in a cooler climate (I live in San Antonio, Texas - very hot) I look forward to reading Topaz eyes and am happy I found your blog.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Judith. It's very nice to have you visit and I'm glad you found me, too!


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