Tuesday 26 February 2013

Trickle and rush

Revising part of my work in progess -presently entitled Bran Reborn - I've just described a woodland scene. It made me want to include some illustrations in the book, but since I thnk that's not realistic I'm posting some here instead that I took in April 2012 at Blair Castle, Perthshire, Scotland.

There's something infinitely soothing about the trickle of water...

1. Near Blair Castle, Scotland.

2. Just outside Braemar, Scotland

3. Blair Castle, Scotland

4. Not sure of the location since I bought the image use from www.123rf.com

5. Blair Castle, Scotland

How would you describe the water in these? And...do you have a favourite among these? If so, which one?


  1. My favourite is number four - I am sure there are water sprites hiding in there. I'm the same - any time I am out of sorts, I take myself off for a walk by the river in the village and it soon takes the "nasties" away and runs off chuckling with them.

    1. I like that one,too, Ailsa. It also helps when the pics are taken by a real photographer. :-)

  2. My favourite is #1 as it reminds me of the beck that bordered the field in the Lake District where we once had a caravan. My kids spent hours playing in that water!

    1. Hi, Paula. Sounds like great memories. I loved my trip to the Lake District, too, and it didn't rain all the time!


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