Friday, 1 February 2013

Familiarise Friday welcomes Mackenzie Crowne's friend Meggy Calhoun

My guest today at Familiarise Friday is Meggy Calhoun from The Billionaires Con. My fellow Wild Rose Press author - Mackenzie Crowne - knows Meggy very well indeed and has persuaded her to tell us a little about herself. Mackenzie's a busy lady just now having signed a new contract. Congratulations Mackenzie!

Hello Meggy. I'm totally delighted to weclome you here, today. You're my second character guest on Familiarise Friday and if I'm a bit too nosey you'll just have to tell me to take a hike!

I'd love you to describe yourself in only 6 little words...
Chef, friend, adopted, loyal, determined, smart-ass.

Well, you know, everybody really does love a smart-ass  - even if they don't say so. Where are you from?  
Im adopted, so Im not exactly sure where I was born, but I was raised in Palmerton Massachusetts, a small town north of Boston.

Is Palmerton where you're currently living? 
My friends and I recently opened Palmer House, the hottest new restaurant in the Boston area. (Ahem. Shameless plug.) Its in Palmerton, of course. I love my hometown and cant ever see myself leaving. However, since discovering the existence of my biological great grandmother, I spend a lot of time on Ashford Farm, her estate on Marthas Vineyard.

I'm sure Palmerton is lovely, and Martha's Vineyard sounds a fantastic place to visit. I've read so many things about it. I know it's difficult to decide, but what do you think would be your most favourite place in the whole world?
I love anywhere with a tropical beach, but Paris holds a special place in my heart. I spent a year and a half there, in my quest for culinary expertise, and look forward to dragging Trevor Bryce Christos around to my favorite haunts while on our honeymoon. Did I mention Id bagged the big guy? It wasnt easy, let me tell you, but hey, thats another story.

Who would be your ideal holiday companion if you took off on a sudden unplanned trip? 
Trevor of course, because what woman wouldnt want to take off with a sexy, Greek god type? But a girls trip would be a blast and my best friends in the world, the OShea sisters, are always up for an adventure.

What's your main occupation just now? 
I am and always will be, a chef.

Some professional kitchens I've seen recently are awsomely complicated.  Are you a gadget freak, or a technophobe? 
I’m twenty-six. I think its probably the law that I be a gadget freak. Still, when it comes to technology, the spirit is willing but the comprehension is weak. I do much better with old school stuff, especially if its a kitchen gadget, like a good old fashioned whisk.

Let's imagine you've been granted a whole week where you can choose every single thing you want to do. What would that be? 
Oh, how fun! Hmm. Lets see. As a little girl, I considered joining the circus as a lady juggler. Just for a few minutes, mind you - the stink from the elephants killed that dream in its infancy - but I think it would be a hoot to slip into a sparkly body suit and dazzle the crowd in the center ring. Then again, preparing an incredible dining experience for a room full of world leaders would be a challenge I couldnt resist. But honestly, Id probably find a private tropical cove and spend the week wallowing in the sun, sand and surf, while having my way with the big guy.    

You probably don't even need that tropical cove! But - onto something less idealistic. Life can get in the way of all sorts of things and tiny little panics set in. Who, or what, are you trying to avoid most just now?  
I have to admit, discovering I am the long lost heir to the Ashford empire scared the crap out of me at first - with good reason it turns out. You wouldnt believe the changes that little bombshell has brought to my life and there are aspects of my new reality I wish I could avoid. Mainly, the glare of interest from the press. Hounding me over my superior culinary skills, is one thing, stalking me because of my surprising new financial status and family connections is something else.

We'll put those scary things aside! Let's go back to cooking. What new cuisine would you like to try? 
Hello! Chef remember? What new cuisine wouldnt I like to try?

Well, Meggy, from this little interview  - I can see I'd be insane not to come to your restaruant and get to know you and your food! Pity is, I live so far away.... but thank you so much for answering my questions today! 

Keep reading, please, since the blurb for The Billionaire's Con sounds really great.

Meggy Calhoun has too much on her plate to explore the shocking revelations in her birth mother’s letter. The success of Boston’s hottest new restaurant rests squarely on her shoulders, and her fascination with her hunky new tenant promises to take up all of her free time.
Trevor Bryce Christos would do anything to protect the woman who raised him; including seducing a beautiful con artist disguised as a chef, and bent on cashing in on his family’s wealth.
Under the microscope of small town interest, Meggy’s and Trevor’s opposing agendas soon have the townsfolk choosing sides, and betting on who will be the first to surrender the field, and their heart.




  1. It's a bit dreich here toay, Mac, but I'm cosy and warm, and writing away.
    Hope your day is a good one - to everyone who pops in for a quick look!

  2. Good morning, Nancy. Thanks so much for having Meggy and me. Cozy and warm is a great place to be on a dreary day. I'm sipping coffee and waiting on the sun to come up here in the valley of the sun.

    1. I freeze here, I'm so jealous of your sun, Mac! Never mind, though. There are hot scenes in that kitchen of Meggy's to enjoy - I'm sure!

  3. Fun interview, thanks ladies! Congrats on contract, Mackenzie (I love your name!). The Billionaire's Con sounds like a great read -- here's wishing you many many sales!

    1. Thanks, Cait. I love the name too. My granddaughter helped me find it, actually. ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great interview, ladies!

    And FYI, it's 70 degrees and sunny with a light breeze here in San Antonio, TX. I do not miss the East Coast snow - not one wee bit!

    1. Thanks Willa. And ^5s on the no East Coast snow. I don't miss it either! ;-)

  5. A great interview, ladies! I love getting to know characters that little bit more like that :)
    We're enjoying a very hot summer over this part of the world. It seems so strange to think of most of you shivering away at this very moment!
    I'm so excited to read of your latest contract news, Mac!! What a great start to the year!!

    1. I've been reading about your hot summer this year, LaVerne. I hope the fires haven't reached anyone you love. And thanks. My head is spinning and I haven't stopped grinning. Of course, I won't be grinning when edits for both come at the same time. ;-)

  6. Hello Willa and LaVerne! I'm inconsistently stoking my coal and log fire. I don't need to use it to keep me warm but it creates great atmosphere when writing about ancient times. Your sun and outside warmth makes me extremely jealous, though. :-) Keep up the good work!


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