Sunday 17 February 2013

Take Me Now! It's Sneak Peek Sunday.

Another Sunday has rolled around already. I don't know how your week has been but mine has just flashed by. According to the rules of Sneak Peek Sunday I'm posting another six paragraphs from my contemporary 'corporate sabotage' mystery - Take Me Now. 

Today's excerpt leads on from last weeks sneak peek. (If you didn't read last time you'll be able to read the last two excerpts in the archives)

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Have a break and enjoy!

The story so far? Aela is finding Nairn to be a bit of a challenge when she goes to interview for the job of transporting him around and about. Normally, Nairn is a man of action who ferries himself around in his floatplane, and jet, and cars, and boats -  but for some very mysterious reason he has had a little bike spill and now sports a couple of plaster casts.  

Where’s your room?” Aela turned her head out of his reach, denying she liked the feel of his lips nuzzling her.

Nairn’s lopsided smile beamed at her as though he hadn’t a care in the world, his good hand squirming up between them, rubbing the still hard bead of her breast. “Yeah. Roused. Gor…jus…t’ bed.”

The slumberous gleam in his eyes got those lowdown tingles going great guns again, and made her turn her cheek back to his marauding lips. What his hand was doing rocked her even more as those wicked fingertips plucked and played. Something shifted inside, desire escalated and burned Aela to furnace-hot, an inside conflagration nothing to do with the overheated body she was supporting. The earlier ogre had morphed into that truly sexy wild highlander, ready to plunder!

Now she could see how he earned the reputation as a millionaire charmer, though at that particular moment it wasn’t exactly the seduction scene of her dreams. Although she undoubtedly loved the feel of the man in her arms he was a giant of a man…and no lightweight!

His lips slanted onto hers again, the kiss developing as though he was searching for something out of his reach, the light probe of his fingers stimulating Aela even more. Surrendering to the desire, her tongue did some exploring and seeking of its own.

Nobody had ever felt so good in her arms. He tasted…fabulous. Well, almost, if she could ignore the mysterious metallic element.

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  1. Hi Nancy! I so look forward to these Sunday morning peeks with coffee cup in hand. I see Aela has come around quite a bit from last week. Those truly sexy wild highlanders must just have that way about them! ;)

  2. Not the seduction of her dreams! I'd say not! LOL

  3. I've already read this story, but I love checking out the snippets you've chosen. :) Seduction is always good. lol

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you! Glad to hear that you like the re-reads.

  4. Somehow I doubt the mysterious metallic taste is from his braces :-) Great 6

  5. Hi Sara. Sundays come round so quickly!


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