Sunday, 28 October 2012

The I-spy Murders! What A Great Read!

I just finished reading The I-Spy Murders by David W. Robinson. This is the second of the series that I've read and have really enjoyed them. If you're looking for a cosy murder mystery set in England you'll love this one. 


My review:

Yet another great cosy murder mystery by David W. Robinson. The intricacies of the plot engage the reader right from the beginning of the tale. Yet again, the dialogue flows beautifully-though the irascible Joe Murray’s words are typically blunt and frank. The scenario of the Reality TV show is an intriguing one: the seclusion of the housemates thickening the murder plot. As a non-watcher of such shows I found the background camera information and set-up was explained well, and not too technical for a semi-technology challenged person. I didn’t laugh quite so much as with the first book in this series, but was not disappointed with the denouement as it unravelled at the end.  That Detective Hoad is very ready to accept Joe Murray’s help to solve the murder is made credible by the interaction which slowly builds between the two men. Joe’s a likeable grump even though he tries to appear differently. I really enjoyed the way David W. Robinson brings back a lot of the characters who appear in the first book of the series. I will definitely be reading the third in the series.

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