Monday, 22 October 2012

Hywela Lyn comes to Monday Moments

Monday Moments is delighted to welcome my friend, fellow TWRP author, Hywela Lyn. Today she's featuring her novel: 

Dancing With Fate

(Cover art by Miss Mae)

A Greek Muse’s life changes for ever when she meets a legendary character with a mindblowing destiny, in Celtic Wales

When Terpsichore, the Greek Muse of Dance, is assigned to revisit 5th Century Wales, and help the people regain their love of dancing, her task seems simple enough. She is unaware there is a hidden agenda. Before she can return to Olympus her path crosses that of the mysterious Myrddin, and her heart is lost.

But Myrddin is promised to another. His mind is set on the dangerous task that lies before him, and the woman he has sworn to save. Nevertheless, he cannot deny the growing attraction between him and the beautiful stranger he meets along the way.

Terpsichore and Myrddin face a deadly force that threatens to part them forever.  Is there nothing she can do to save him? Finally, when all seems lost, in desperation she finds herself DANCING WITH FATE.  

The glowing red sparks appeared a few hours before dawn. Terpsichore looked across to where she could just make out Myrddin, lying close to the fire, apparently asleep. She stood and wrapped her brat around her shoulders. What unearthly lights were these? In the name of Hades, she had never seen anything like this before. She watched them as they advanced and retreated, advanced and retreated. They seemed to beckon to her. She walked forward a few steps. This was not natural. She sensed evil, but of a kind she had never come across before.

She tried to turn her head, to look away and move back to the fire. Some force compelled her to keep staring at them, to move forward. Further and further from the campfire she wandered. The air grew chill and she pulled her brat more closely around her. The flickering lights gyrated in a wild dance, inviting her to follow them. Dawn was approaching. In the dim early morning light, she could make out demon faces, red glowing eyes, hands outstretched, with flames at their fingertips.

She recoiled in horror. Somewhere in her subconscious, she knew she was in deadly danger, but still she moved forward. They summoned her to follow and she could not help but obey. She tried to call to Apollo, and her father, but her mind was numb. She could reach no one on Olympus.

“Myrddin!” No sound came from her lips. Still, a strange unearthly power obliged her to walk forward toward those eerie, mesmerizing points of light.

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Lyn is Welsh and very proud of it, although at present she lives away from her beloved homeland, in a small village in England, surrounded by pretty countryside. She loves horses and dogs and has two horses of her own, Harri and T'pau, and a rescued Jack Russell terrier, Bouncer.  Harri is featured in 'Dancing With Fate' along with Lyn's little endurance Mare Sal, who sadly has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Hywela and Lyn are her first two names and when she was first published she decided to use them both and drop her surname, since she's always been called `Lyn' and thought it was time her Welsh first name was used. Being easily confused herself, Lyn thought she should explain this to avoid confusing everyone else! (And unlike her muse, she has no skill at dancing at all.)

Wishing you the very best, Hywela Lyn, and thank you for featuring today...


  1. Good morning, Nancy,thank you SO much for featuring 'Dancing With Fate' on your lovely blog. (Oops - just noticed I left out an important little word when I sent you the post, it should be ...destiny IN Celtic Wales. Oops, my fault, not yours.)
    Happy Monday,and thanks again for having me here!

    1. Sorted! And good morning to you. It's a very chill and misty morning but there's plenty to do read about new books.

  2. Aw bless, thanks Nancy. It's cold and damp here too! Autumn's here with a vengeance so no excuse not to catch up with reading and writing!:)

  3. Hi Hywela Lyn. Waving. Just coming to say "hi." It was chilly here last week, For the next 3 days going to be warmer and rainy. Normal up and down weather for here. LOL.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, it's pretty 'up and down' over here too, LOL!

  5. I absolutely love the way this lady writes! So descriptive that you really can see the scenes, hear the scenes, smell the scenes, LIVE the scenes.

    She's one of my all-time favorite authors. :)

  6. Hi Hywela Lyn! Loved the excerpt - I love how she knows she's being drawn to something evil but how she can't seem to stop herself - definitely makes me want to know more about the story overall and especially what happens to her after this scene.

  7. Hi Maria, thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment - so glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  8. *Blush* Thank you so much Miss Mae, you are always supportive and your words mean so much to me, especially as you're such a multi-talented writer yourself. And folks if you want a first rate cover artist for your own self published novel - Miss Mae designed the cover for Dancing With Fate, isn't it gorgeous!

  9. Thank you to all who popped in today! Best wishes, Hywela Lyn, with Dancing With Fate.

  10. Thank you again for featuring me and Dancing With Fate on your blog Nancy, Best wishes to you too!


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