Saturday, 27 October 2012

A brand new review for The Beltane Choice!

Just posted today- a brand new review for The Beltane Choice.

-From Layered Pages-

Thank you Lisl for such a wonderfully comprehensive review!  

Here's my favourite bit:

Nancy Jardine has woven a tale as complex as the Celtic knot that graces the book’s cover. Winding and illusory, readers may see one circumstance, but events intercede to disabuse us of any notion that this is a simple story. The endless and unified nature of the cover illustration reflects the events occurring in the lives of those in The Beltane Choice, individually and as humans who experience these occasions across time.  And, like the winding knot that appears as sheer simplicity but is much more beneath, the smooth passage from Nara’s entrapment by the boar to her ultimate choice, the author utilizes language in a way both straightforward and elegant. 

Check the link to see the full  review.

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