Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Moments features The Rebel Wife by Donna Dalton

Monday Moments welcomes fellow Wild Rose Press author - Donna Dalton. 

Donna has many titles with The Wild Rose Press. Just released in digital form, from the American Rose line, is THE REBEL WIFE. It looks like a great read, especially so if you're a fan of Civil War romance! Copies are available now.

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When war correspondent Jackson Porter lies to a Union patrol to save a red-headed rebel, he gets something he never expected...a wife. But with her knowledge of corruption at the federal prisons, Louisa is his best chance to deliver the topnotch article his newspaper editor expects. The one thing Jackson didn't count on was a burning desire for his pretend spouse.

Louisa Carleton needs a miracle…even if that miracle comes in the shape of an arrogant, highfalutin Yankee. With her brother’s imminent death in prison heavy on her mind, she has no option but to join forces with the enemy.  Can she save her brother from a vindictive prison commander while still protecting her heart, or will Jackson stir dark memories she wants to forget?


Hardness replaced the sadness on her face. “With the soldiers looking for me, I need another way to get to Point Lookout.”
“You have something in mind?”
“Sure do.”
“And, pray tell, what is that?”
Her almond-shaped eyes gleamed like a cat with a fresh kill. “Apparently we’re married, so I’ll travel with you, Mr. Porter.”

Donna Dalton – BIO

Donna Dalton  uses the rich history of her home state of Virginia and the American Civil War to create action-packed, emotional romances. Her favorite pastime is to tour the many battlefields and museums and bring those places to life in her stories. She has four full-length historical novels published with The Wild Rose Press as well as several contemporary short stories. You can visit her at or on facebook at

Thank you for featuring today, Donna. My best wishes to you for lots of sales, and loads of happy readers! 



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa, I'm hoping it does well, too. It's my first full-length in several years. I had been dabbling with contemp short stories, but decided to come back to my first love - historical romances.

  2. Enjoyed the blurb and lovely cover! Thanks for sharing Nancy :)

    1. Thanks Christine, I love the cover, too. The cover artist did a great job of capturing the essence of the book.

  3. Love the cover and the story sounds unique. It's going on my TBR list. Good luck, Donna!

    1. Thanks Sandra, I tried to do a unique twist instead of having a typical hero soldier. So far, my readers have loved the story :)

  4. It's great to have you all pop in, ladies. The cover is fantastic and the little snippet is just enough to whet the appetitie!


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