Wednesday, 4 August 2021

July Blooms on my Facebook page!

My garden progresses! 

It's now August the 4th after a very busy gardening month during July.  Although I didn't post here on the blog at all during July, I had a special feature every day on my Facebook page. I posted a different photo of blooms from my garden every day, starting July 1st right through to 31st. The blooms were randomly chosen for their colour, their performance, whether they had been newly planted or were reliable very old favourites. 

July 1st.
July 1st blooms were a mixture, newly planted in a flat tub resting on a slice of my recently-hewn-down silver birch tree. The tree was far too big to keep in my urban garden but a few slices of it, used as bases for pots, are good reminder of my lovely tree. 

Here is a small selection of my favourite July photos. 

July 15th- a new little Dianthus. 

July 22nd- a Marguerite/Daisy variety 

July 30th - a woodland scene with what I called a Buddleia but is probably a Rose Spirea, a plant inherited when I moved in to the house and garden many years ago. 

July 31st.- This year's hanging baskets which I stuffed full of mixed Lobelia, Geraniums and Fuchsias. 

The sun is shining- again - and I could very easily get used to this really great weather - but I have lots of writing to do today.

Enjoy your reading...
SlĂ inthe!

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