Friday, 16 April 2021

New 5 * review for Beathan The Brigante!

 Good Morning Friday! 

It's certainly a great morning for me since I've just noticed a brand new 5 * review for Beathan The Brigante on Amazon. My heartfelt thanks to the reviewer. 

A detailed and well thought out romantic adventure. 

"As with other novels in the series, this book contains well developed characters and a fast paced adventure story. The historical detail of the period is extremely well researched and brought to life with detail and passion. A very enjoyable and informative read."

All reviews are very welcome. they make me delighted when I know my work brings enjoyment and encourage me to continue with my writing, Beathan The Brigante only has a few reviews so if you have read it and could review it on the place you purchased the book, that would be really excellent.  If you can't do that, a mention on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or an email to me would be lovely. 

Enjoy your weekend reading.. or whatever else you might be doing! 

SlĂ inte! 

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