Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Another 5* #review for Bran Reborn!


I've mainly been beavering away for the last few days at preparing slides for my online Zoom talk for the Aboyne and Deeside Heritage society next week. Finding fresh new material has meant a bit of lovely new research - it's been more than a year now since I've done an author presentation due to Covid 19 restrictions and I feel the need to upgrade the last ones. I generally do some changes anyway since my PowerPoint presentations are geared to the actual group I'm visiting, so although I might be sharing information I've learned on Roman Scotland, there is always a need to fine tune according to the audience. Some smaller groups want general Ancient Roman information and more of my novels, Some larger groups want more localised information i.e. Roman Aberdeenshire. 

The length of the talk also determines which slides are used. 

Old maps research is now much easier since I can access some really useful material online via the National Library of Scotland catalogues. Searching their online database has been a huge but entertaining distraction! I totally recommend their resources. They are FREE for me to access, provided I registered with them, but that cost nothing. (I am resident in Scotland so you'd need to check what rules apply to you)

During a short break before dinner this evening, I was alerted to a brand new 5* review for Book 2 of my Celtic Fervour Series- After Whorl Bran Reborn. Getting reviews is a huge excitement these days since they don't come all that often. I take the opportunity here to thank Dorothy (an unknown reader) - the review is very much appreciated! 

The link is below but these are her comments: 


"Well written and researched, this is a continuing story of the Brigantes in the battles of Romano-Britain. I enjoyed the storytelling. The characters have substance and one truly gets a feel for the early Britons in their fight for survival against the Roman usurpers. Can’t wait to read the next book."

I'd love to think Dorothy won't wait too long to read the second part of Brennus of Garrigill's story.

SlĂ inte!

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