Wednesday, 10 February 2021

FREE eBooks for Valentine's Day fun!

 Hello from a presently very snowy part of Scotland!

Well, actually right now most of Scotland is under some degree of snow cover as the ‘Beast from The East Mark 2’ is blasting us with intermittent levels of snow-pelt.

It’s not unusual in my part of Aberdeenshire to get snow at this point close to mid-February. When I was a teacher the pupils loved the odd ‘snow day’ off school when transport wasn’t possible for the ‘country’ kids to attend, and some staff weren't able to get to school. Since I lived within 30 metres of the school building, a snow day for me just meant no direct teaching of pupils, I still had to do other admin or preparation work instead.

However,  a snowy day does mean it’s a time to ‘coorie doon’ under a warm blanket, or snuggle beside a roaring fire –  if you still have one – and read something entertaining and enjoyable.

Also, being the 10th of February 2021 as I write this, it’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day and a time to pamper yourself, or someone you love - either by gifting them an eBook, or buying one for yourself. It’s probably too late to get a paperback version posted, Covid 19 pandemic not helping with slow postal services, so gifting an eBook is possible.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am offering two of my Romantic Comedies eBooks #FREE  during the next few days across the Amazon network. I've recently been re-doing the book page information for all of my books on Amazon and... here's a look at the brand new blurbs for Take Me Now and Monogamy Twist. 

Take Me Now is #FREE from Amazon on 11th, 12th and 13th of Feb. 2021.

Click HERE for a kindle copy :

Take Me Now: A Fast-Flying Corporate Sabotage…Romantic Comedy Mystery

 "…With beautiful description, it feels like you're travelling the globe with handsome Nairn and feisty, capable Aela, and the sub plot of sabotage, will keep you reading till the end."

 Conclusions jumped at too soon. Sabotage and attempted murder? Hilarious predicaments.

Patience isn’t Nairn Malcolm’s strong point when someone sabotages his business. It gets much worse when he, too,  is under attack. He needs someone who can transport him from his Scottish island castle base to destinations across the globe and also help him keep his business interests running smoothly. Who could be all that, and available to him 24/7?

Aela Cameron’s skills are perfect for Nairn’s current predicament. Transporting him across the globe is a pushover. Dangerous situations don’t faze her, in fact they make her more determined to solve the mystery of Nairn’s saboteur. She’s not into passing flings – yet how can she resist her new boss as time runs out on her temporary contract?

Is Nairn seeking the impossible? Can Aela find a compromise?

“Take Me Now is a fun contemporary romance set in Scotland, a swift-paced story with humorous moments that will leave the reader laughing and sighing.”

Take Me Now would be perfect for someone who likes a story that’s humorous, swift-paced and entertaining. A deliciously fun read.


Monogamy Twist is #FREE from Amazon on 12th, 13th and 14th of February 2021.  

Click HERE for a kindle copy

Monogamy Twist: A Romantic Comedy Mystery bursting with Ancestral and Dickensian Quirks

“Steeped in history, with rich description, this book is a fun, romantic read that will leave you intrigued till the very end.” Lizzie Koch, Author

Bizarre inheritance conditions. Ancestral enigmas. Heartrending choices.

When Luke Salieri inherits a dilapidated estate in Yorkshire, England, from an old woman he's never heard of, it’s a mystery he wants resolved immediately. But there’s more than one catch. The rules of inheritance are downright Dickensian – a bind he doesn’t want – yet how can he walk away and let the house rot? He needs the help of a very special woman though exactly how far will he need to go to persuade her?

Rhia Ashton wants the job of researching Greywood Hall and all of its fantastic contents, but can she live with gorgeous Luke Salieri for a whole year and retain her sanity? Rhia has her own ideas about what will make it worth her while to bargain with Luke.

How long can a year be…since neither expect more than friendly relations!

“A wonderful story packed with intrigue and romantic tension. I was immediately drawn to the mystery surrounding the house and its tangled secrets and enjoyed the way they were revealed.”

Readers who are ancestry enthusiasts, or those who enjoy a good dash of history in a contemporary novel, will love the Georgette Heyer ‘feel’ of Monogamy Twist. 

If you enjoy the fun stories, it would be lovely to hear your thoughts on them. Please leave a review, a few lines are fine, on Amazon. Or leave a comment below. Feedback is always appreciated.

SlĂ inte! 

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