Wednesday 16 December 2020

x2 titles #FREE already on Amazon!

 Good Morning!

In anticipation of my turn to post on the #Jolabokaflod Blog Hop tomorrow, the 17th Dec., I set two of my eBook titles to #FREE across the Amazon network for a few days, as they are my gifts to you. You'll be able to read tomorrow why I've been so generous in giving away two of my titles as Free gifts, and not just one, but for now...

This morning I find that Amazon are very quick off the mark to change the prices on the UK site, so I can tell you now that the eBooks for my contemporary thriller Topaz Eyes, and my time travel The Taexali Game , are both #FREE to download for the next five days. 

If you've not read them yet, this is a great opportunity and if you do download them I'd truly love your opinions on them. A very brief review on Amazon would really help to get my novels more widely known. 

Thank you in advance and enjoy! 

Here are the links:

Topaz Eyes 

The Taexali Game 

SlĂ inte! 

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