Monday 14 December 2020

HWF #Jolabokaflod Blog Hop 14th Dec.

 Hello everyone! 

I hope you are enjoying our Historical Writers Forum Blog Hop and taking advantage of the opportunities to get some wonderful books, either totally free or at a reduction in price. My Kindle is stuffed and there are still plenty of posts to come. 

Here is the link for today post for the 14th December from Sue Barnard. It's a great book- enjoy! 

SlĂ inte! 


  1. Yes, I have been thoroughly enjoying reading your historical writers blog. I will try to download some books today.

  2. That's wonderful to know that you're enjoying it, Sandra. Thank you for your comments, and I hope you enjoy reading my books!

  3. yes i am Enjoying your site it has alot information and want to read those type of book who has historical topic
    Zwilling Vouchor


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