Thursday, 7 November 2019

#AfterWhorlBranReborn 's limelight time continues!

Thursday Thinking for you!

Today, it's Bran of After Whorl: Bran Reborn's turn to be the spotlighted character in the Ocelot Press Blog Hop character interviews. Bran had a set of amazing questions to answer at Jen Wilson's blog that you can read in full HERE.

This is one of the thoughtful questions that was asked of my lovely Brennus... and of course my equally lovely wounded  Bran.

Q: It must have been terrifying when you first realised you were in the care of a stranger; how did you relax under her care, as you seemed to develop an incredibly close bond by the end?

Bran's answer: 
Close to old Meaghan? I suppose we became close, of a kind. When the mist of her herbal potions eventually ceased, and left me feeling more clear-headed, what infuriated me was that the old crone had tied me down to the cot! You talk of relaxing? That never happened. How could it when I felt she had made me live and condemned me to being only half a man. She forced me to take stock of myself, badgered me to think forwards and not backwards. It took many weeks before my temper subsided, and by the time I accepted my new state poor old Meaghan had given me her all. When she died I was ashamed because I had never allowed her to see how important she had become and I never thanked her properly for giving me a new life.

Pop over to Jen Wilson's Blog and read the rest of his answers. Don't forget to #enter to #WIN a free ecopy of Book 1 of the Celtic Fervour Series on her blog.  Or hop on over to Amazon and get copies the Celtic Fervour Saga for 99p (Books 1 & 2) and just a tiny bit more for Books 3 & 4!

Look out for the last of the Ocelot Press character interviews here on this blog where I get an exciting *exclusive* pre-launch interview with Nanthild from Cathie Dunn's Love Lost In Time. (currently on pre-order)


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