Saturday, 17 February 2018

#Saturday Shorts – with #Anne-Marie Ormsby

 Saturday has dawned bright and beautiful!

It's wonderful to start a fresh new day with an unblemished blue sky above me - quite rare in my part of the world. It's also lovely to welcome new people to my blog and Anne- Marie Ormsby is one of the newer authors with Crooked Cat Books. 

Without more ado, welcome and please take a pew Anne- Marie. Let's get to know you a little bit better in this Saturday Shorts! 

Please give us a little introduction to you...

In real life I work in administration in a busy secondary school in East London and I live with my husband and our tiny human.

Nancy says: I used to teach in a small primary school and know how much admin staff do to keep the whole place oiled and greased. It's not a job for anyone who wants regular breaks and to file their nails all day!  

When is your best time to write?
I have found that I can write pretty much anywhere these days apart from when my daughter is with me. My favourite way to write is alone, with specific mood setting music and a bottle of wine.
Anne- Marie Ormsby

Which social media platforms do you find most comfortable to use?
I use Facebook, mainly for personal use as I live far away from most of my family and friends, but I do have an author page which is fun, Instagram (a lot because I like taking photos) and more recently got into using Twitter which I wasn’t too interested in before but got into the swing of it during my book promo stuff.

 Aargh! I've still got so much to learn about Twitter after years of joining. 

Please tell us what your latest book is about and its genre.
Purgatory Hotel is about a girl who wakes up dead and cant remember how she died or who she was. She also isn’t sure what she did wrong to end up in Purgatory which is a creepy old Victorian hotel with endless corridors and a library full of books that are the stories of peoples lives.  Our mysterious heroine must dodge the inhabitants of Purgatory and re live her life in order to repent for her crime.
It’s paranormal fiction but I prefer the title Paranormal Whodunnit.

 Oh, that sounds a really interesting read.  

Did anything in particular influence you to write it?
I was inspired by lots of different things, various songs, books and movies played a part in the inspiration, but I think I was deep down inspired to examine what people will do in desperate situations and what bad relationships will do to people.

Did it require any specialised research?
No, not really as most of it is pure imagination. I did spend a bit of time reading old newspaper stories about a series of murders called The Babes in the Woods murders which I tied in with one of my less savoury characters.

I confess to being a research junkie and I'm sure if I chose to write something purely imaginative I'd still find something I'd need to research just for the thrill of it. 

Who is your main character?
Her name is Dakota Crow and shes in her early 20’s

What’s your main character’s greatest weakness?
A man called Jackson Shade.

Now that's an evocative name!

What does the character do to overcome this?
I cant say……


Do you enjoy editing your work?
Not at all…I read and re read the book so many times I was blind to it all eventually. I was very grateful when my editor Miriam stepped in and took over!

What’s your favourite occupation? (apart from writing!)
Working in a bookshop.

Do you have a favourite place to ‘hide’ out from life?
I have a toddler. There is no hiding place.

Too true! I've been a regular grandchild minder these last few years and not even the bathroom is private. It's even worse with two! 

Favourite food and drink?
Cava, olives and cheese.

 I can definitely identify with all  of that!

Find Anne -Marie at the following : 

Thank you for being a great guest today, Anne- Marie. Best wishes with Purgatory Hotel. I've still got some Crooked Cat Books to catch up with reading, yours being one of them, but I will! Also best wishes for your future writing. 


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