Tuesday, 20 February 2018

#Review 6 of 2018 Vindolanda by Adrian Goldsworthy

The thing I liked best about this tale of life at Vindolanda is the fact that the author highlights the fact that there probably were many Roman forts and fortlets along the stretch where Hadrian’s Wall was built some 20 plus years after this story.

The story has plenty of action but the author manages to show that there was also plenty of routine tedium for those stationed on the forts along the wall, so far from their homes and the lives left behind. I wanted to skip past the battle scenes to get onto the next bit of Flavius Ferox's story but didn't dare miss any of the action. 

In this story there’s a bit of know who your friends are and respect your enemies but essentially until proven trust no one.

I felt there was still quite a mystery about Rerox and where his ultimate allegiance might lie - although he was definitely true to Rome in Vindolanda.

One part of the book did make me pause for thought and that was wehn Ferox goes to the settlement/ hillfort of the Iron Age tribes allies. Something about the location of the Vacomagi leader's territory didn't match with what I've learned of the geographical area covered by the Vacomagi. I just might have to resort to reading non-fiction by Goldsworthy- it's not that I've avoided his work it's more that I haven't come across it yet so it hasn't been added to my considerable amount of source material.

Readers who enjoy bloody battle scenes and slicing skirmishes will probably like this one a lot.


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