Thursday 21 December 2017

#Yuletide greetings to you!

Merry Yule! 

Today, 21st December, is officially the December Winter Solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and for those who inhabit the southern hemisphere it's their summer solstice.

I've written about the solstice before on this blog so won't repeat that but you can read about the posts HERE if you're interested.

The winter solstice, for me, marks the turn of the year when the days begin to lengthen again and the darkness of night shortens. Since we're often in the throes of poor winter weather it doesn't seem as though the days are lengthening, but astronomically they are from today onward till the summer solstice. 

In days gone past, for thousands of years, the Pagan festival of Yule began on the solstice and for many neo-pagans they still celebrate Yule on this day and for some days to come. It's natural to celebrate the return of the sun for longer daylight spells and the festivities reflect this return to the sun's warmth and the new growth the sun can engender.

For me this day of the winter solstice is a day of looking after my grand kids for an early  morning slot. It's a time for catching up with some promotions on Facebook for the December Discovering Diamonds daily theme and for reminding people on Facebook and Twitter that the Crooked Cat Advent Calendar continues its largess where anyone can download a FREE ebook if you pop over to their website and see what Santa is hiding.

I'm also preparing for a visit by a far flung nephew from Australia who is spending Christmas with us. Since his arrival is early tomorrow I'd best get off to the shops soon to buy in the groceries for our festive YULE meals. If all goes to plan 11 of us will be feasting together on Christmas Day, and on other days it will be anything from 3 to 11.

My Scottish shortbread is baked; my Rich fruit cake is done and iced but I need to find time today to  bake the mincemeat pies.

Whatever you do on this solstice day, the beginning of Yule, I wish you a happy time! 

ps. I still have a ** competition ** going for a signed copy of Topaz Eyes, running till Dec. 23rd!


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