Saturday 30 December 2017

A regency novel with a difference

Lord of the Abbey by K R Richards

I persevered with this story mainly because of the multiple mystery threads that ran through it and because I was intrigued about how the author would tie in ‘Holy Grail’ aspects to the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the Tudor era. There was certainly plenty of action for the large cast of characters, most of whom were very likeable and lots of finds by the end of the story. The references to friends and relatives of Jesus at the end seemed rushed and misplaced but they made me intrigued sufficiently to investigate further any true historical connections.
There were some aspects that spoiled my read; otherwise the grade given would have been higher. There were many instances of repetition throughout the novel that a thorough edit should have eliminated and which should have tidied up other inaccuracies in sentence construction which jarred me out of my reading flow.

I rated this with 3 stars.


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