Saturday 30 December 2017

The kitchen sleuth

Death at the Manor by Celina Grace

This was the shortest story I’ve read for some time but it was a well written, well edited and very enjoyable one. 

Written in the first person, the main character Joan’s tale is told with an economy of words – what’s needed is used to further the description and the plot with no unnecessary details. 

The story quickly unfolds, the murder mystery revealed in an interesting way, which contrarily is the only part of the story I find a little implausible. Though why shouldn’t a kitchen maid be able to present the police with both a deep suspicion and fairly conclusive evidence?  

The fact that the tale takes place during the early 20th century means that repercussion of removal of evidence from the scene of the crime seems to be more acceptable than in current times. 

It whetted my appetite sufficiently that I might dip into more of the cosy mysteries of Celina Grace. 


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