Monday, 23 October 2017

That's another entertaining read!

Monday Morning greetings to you! 

The dawn sky was very pretty this morning. I was hoping this meant that a good day was about to follow but that's already not the case as more rain is settling in at 11 a.m.

It's not really a problem though, since my intention is to write and read and research till late afternoon when some guests are due.

In the meantime...
Another recent read...

This novel was one that I acquired through my Amazon Kindle Unlimited and was recommended to me via one of the ebook sites that I've subscribed to.

I was in the mood for a very light read in the midst of lots of heavy research reading and this was just right for the occasion.

Reclaim My Heart by Donna Fasano 4*

This was an easy read with a feel good factor. The author highlights some issues of illegitimacy, possible abortion and adoption, prejudice and bigotry but does it sympathetically showing that major decisions made by parents can be for both good and bad reasons. 

The concept that life changing decisions can be made at different stages in a person’s life is evident in this novel but the author also points out that positives can be the outcome of negative deeds.

She has also set out, I believe, to show that negative influences of other people (e.g. parents) can be devastating to a younger person but that some people can change their opinions over time, though others may only manage a partial transition. The story of how Tyne and Lucas resolve their son Zach’s dilemma is a simple one and quite predictable but I liked how the extended family were included within the whole redemption situation. 

Love does find a way of making a HEA ending. 


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