Saturday, 7 October 2017

Cracking new review for The Taexali Game!

Saturday surprises are fantastic!

It been a great few days into October for me getting new reviews for my novels. Topaz Eyes got two brand new 5* reviews on Amazon UK recently which takes it to 13 (5*) reviews!

And today is another wonderful day since The Taexali Game has a brand new cracking review on the Book Viral site.

The review begins with:

"A thoroughly absorbing slalom of a novel The Taexali Game proves a bold and imaginative melding of Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction with Jardine delivering a maelstrom of action and intrigue in equal measure...."

Click the Book Viral link HERE to read the whole fantastic review which I very much appreciate as it has no spoilers of any kind but highlights the elements I wanted to write about in the action adventure. 

The Taexali Game is now entered into Book Viral's 'Crimson Quill' Award. To qualify for this award I need the endorsement of lots of my readers. Please consider clicking the link on the left sidebar of the review page and enter the details for me to gain your endorsement for The Taexali Game being a great read!  

Thank you - your support will be brilliant. 

It's also lovely that the site has a little promo of my other novels as well. 

Cheers and have a happy Saturday. 


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