Saturday, 28 October 2017

You win and you lose....

Saturday Greetings! 

I'm late posting today since I've been out attempting to sell my novels at a local venue. Some of these days are fantastic and some a lot less so. Today was the latter but on the novelist front I did come home to find another new 5* review for The Taexali Game on Amazon UK. That is definitely the kind of boost every author needs! 

It's taken over two years to get some reviews for this novel but since the six reviews I now have are all 5* I'm glad people genuinely find it a great read. first post of the day is the lovely accolade for my time travel novel. My thanks go to Karen E. Proctor who took the time to write this lovely little review. 

She says:

"I’ve always been drawn to novels with a time travel element but find few novels deliver on their promise. The Taexali Game takes the idea of Time Travel and sets it in a computer game thereby making the concept wholly believable. I thoroughly bought into the idea. This is a fast paced, well written and thoroughly absorbing novel."

Find the reviews HERE

If you've also read The Taexali Game and have enjoyed reading it I'd really appreciate you giving it a similar mention on Amazon. If it gets something like 50+ reviews of high standard (5 or 4 stars) then Amazon just might begin to give the book more of a boost! I live in hope...


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