Sunday, 12 March 2017

Yet another novel recently read!

Sunday review catch up continues! 

This time it's called Thunder Moon by Joanne Mallory.

Thunder Moon - a beautiful tale of magic and love

What a fabulous cover from Crooked Cat!

This was a quick, easy-read romance with a touch of the paranormal. If you like to read a short novella this might be for you, especially if you love a sea side setting that’s atmospheric. I tend to feel short changed by short books but this was just enough to keep my interest throughout. 

The romantic relationship between Marc and Thea progresses smoothly and predictably and I feel able to guess at who might be in for a new relationship in the coming books. Because the story is very short, I felt that Marc’s initial personal issues weren’t fully explained, and neither was his ‘extra’ ability developed, though he’s a lovely character: similarly, with Thea. 

Maybe there will be more of the witchery in the next books which I personally hope will be longer reads.     The question now is who will be featured in Book 2? 


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