Friday, 3 March 2017

Discovering Diamonds Review!

Friday Fun! 

It's a bright and lovely morning, a great start to the day. It was also lovely to find that one of my novels, The Beltane Choice, was given a Discovering Diamonds Award today.

The Discovering Diamonds site is a prestigious one and the awards are given out sparingly which means it's great to get one regardless of what the reviewer likes or dislikes about the historical novel.

I agree with the reviewer that The Beltane Choice is a more standard romance than the next two books in the series but it's also not a historical romance in the normal sense either.

There's a little point to mention, though, that the reviewer says that I mention Boudicca throughout the novel when I actually don't mention her at all- though I do mention the northern Brigante Queen Cartimandua a number of times.

I can now use the logo on my blog and will be delighted to do so.


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