Saturday, 11 March 2017

Sanity? A review of Isolation by Neil Randall

Happy Saturday!

Once again I'm behind with writing reviews of books read recently. As well as getting more politically active in a local sense, I must find time to post more about the excellent raft of books I've read recently. 

Here's one of them: 

I doubt I will ever use the word nightmare again in any glib way. In Isolation’ Nigel has the most freakish nightmare ever, one that’s irresolvable. 

The writing is powerful, scary and compelling. I was rooting for the ending to be different but could sense the way it was heading in a definite bleak direction. Bleak is a word which appears earlier in the novel and it has many bleak aspects, yet it was hard to put down once started. 

It’s another Crooked Cat Novel that crosses many genres and sub-genres and is thrilling from page 1. Crimes abound with a plethora of mangled bodies but that brings us back to deciding as the reader- what is real and what imagined?

I posted this a five star read on Amazon and Goodreads - though I'm aware that the subject material might be just too graphic for some to handle. 


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