Saturday, 24 December 2016

Advance warning! #The Taexali Game is my seasonal gift to you!

Antoine Callet - Wikimedia Commons
Saturnalia is over now and it's Christmas Eve as I post this.

The Saturnalia celebrations in ancient Rome would be over but they'd be gathering their strength for a new round of celebrations since the Romans seemed to have loved almost any excuse to have a great time.

When the rousing, riotous Saturnalia celebrations  were over it was time for the masters to assume their former superiority and for the servants and slaves to don the aprons again, back in their subservient roles. The 'Lord of Misrule' time, which came down to the medieval merrymakers in a fairly unchanged way, was short but no doubt very sweet. So when the roman household returned to normal, I imagine it would have been a time for the master to settle down and read the latest bulletin scrolls and what passed as leisure reading for the time. I don't say novels because I don't think there were any!

Today when it gets to Christmas Eve, as it is now as I write this, the time is approaching for many to relax and enjoy a few days of leisure. Settling down with a grat book is what I aim to do when not our partying and preparing the Boxing Day meal.

However, I have already been on Amazon making sure that I've got new books on my kindle to keep me going for the coming days. Have you?

Whatever your religious persuasion, or if you have none, I have a SPECIAL SEASONAL OFFER for you.

THE TAEXALI GAME will be FREE across Amazon on December 25th & 26th, so if you haven't read it yet here's a great chance to grab a copy of my Teen Time Travel novel set in AD 210, northern Britannia when the Ancient Roman Emperor Severus tramped his legions into Taexali territory.

THE TAEXALI GAME is being read by adults as well as younger readers so don't miss out on this great adventure.

What do my time travelers - Aran, Brian and Fianna - experience in THE TAEXALI GAME? They have a neat little game task list to fulfil AND they must solve a local mystery. How do they do that? #

One way to find out is to grab your copy tomorrow (Dec 25th) or Dec 26th and.... read.

One last thing - I'd really love feedback when you've read the story so please either pop a Review into the box on Amazon, or send me an email  

Have  a very Merry Christmas when it comes.


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