Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday Fun with Ailsa Abraham!

It's Friday again and I'm delighted to say that I've got my lovely friend, Ailsa Abraham, paying a return visit to contribute to my summer writing theme. 

Ailsa's no stranger to these pages but today she's here to give us a summer update on what has prompted her to do some of her recent writing. 

Ailsa Abraham
Welcome again Ailsa! What's new with you?

Hello Nancy, thanks for inviting me over. I'm glad to get out of my house at the moment because a war is raging. No, not between me and the Ancient Mariner, it's my characters. Do you find that?
I don't know how many other writers find that their inventions take over their lives but it certainly happens with me. Of course, we all start out with them in our heads but I wonder if other, better-adjusted authors then put them away in a box like ventriloquists' dolls.

No, I'm totally disorganised. You know that I wrote Book 2 of my Alchemy series first, don't you? Then when the readers were complaining about lack of background I had to return and write Book 1 as a prequel. That's about standard for me. I didn't plan on it being any more than that, maybe a trilogy characters had other ideas.

The rot set in when I went to visit my darling Aunt Muriel in Scotland. She had seen a talk by Navajo Rangers (John Dover and Stan Milford) advertised and bought us tickets thinking, this is just the sort of thing Ailsa will enjoy.
Courtesy of Ailsa Abraham
She was right! These lovely men specialised in the paranormal and I was fascinated but in the middle of the talk I was being gently kicked in the ankle by a moccasin-clad foot. It was someone who, while not a minor participant, wasn't a lead rĂ´le in Books 1 and 2. 

He is Native American and I was getting very strong messages that he had to have a book of his own further down the line; I dutifully took notes. As he is a Black Shaman and they were discussing Dark Arts and Skin walkers, it seemed that Fate was pushing me.

Readers were informing me at the same time that he was very popular but they wanted more of Iamo and Riga the main players from Alchemy and Shaman's Drum.
Courtesy of Ailsa Abraham

I'm now juggling three Works In Progress including one which had been packaged and tied up until THOSE characters decided they didn't like their names. Whole plot done, spot of polishing to do and I have to start changing both names of both of them throughout. Blessed be the “Search and Replace” facility!

This is why it is war at home. My Native American wants my attention. Riga and Iamo need to tell me of their next quest and the other project is getting very antsy about being on hold for so long. So, yes, I'd love another cup of tea before I get back on my magic carpet and go home to slave over a hot computer. Thanks for having me, darling, and do come on over to the Bingergread Cottage soon. We'd like to hear your news too.

Nancy says: I promise to visit you at the Bingergread Cottage soon, Ailsa!

More about Ailsa Abraham:
...she writes under two names and is the author of six novels. Alchemy is the prequel to Shaman's Drum, published by Crooked Cat in January 2014. Both are best-sellers in their genres on Amazon. She has  also written gay romance under her brother's name, Cameron Lawton.
She has lived in France since 1990, enjoys knitting, crochet and until recently was the oldest Hell's Angel in town . Her interests include campaigning for animal rights, experimenting with different genres of writing and trips back to the UK to visit friends and family. She runs an orphanage for homeless teddy bears and contributes a lot of work to Knit for Africa. She is also addicted to dressing up, saying that she is old enough to know better but too wise to care.

That's a great update, Ailsa. Having had the pleasure of meeting your Auntie Mu a few years ago, I hope she's doing well these days. I can see it as the kind of event she'd love to attend. Thanks for visiting and best wishes with your writing. 


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  1. Thank you so much for having me, Nancy. We are sorting out the war and Auntie Mu sends her regards. She is as busy as ever, despite being 85!


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