Saturday, 9 July 2016

Fun Adventure!

It's said that authors appreciate the time it takes a reader to write a review, and I most certainly do. 

Sometimes I regret that I don't notice them right away and that's what's happened with this one below for my contemporary romantic mystery thriller Topaz Eyes. 

ByNicoleon February 26, 2016
I do love romantic suspense novels and Topaz Eyes by Nancy Jardine was just that! The story drew me in immediately, Jardine’s description of a stunning ring feels so real you wish it were on your finger. Keira the main character is perceptive, brave and considerate and takes you on an adventure all over the world with a slew of intriguing characters in hopes of finding pieces of the Tiru collection.
This story holds a series of twists and turns as you join Keira and Teun, whose cousins keep things very interesting. Secrets, betrayals are many and there are moments you try to put the pieces of their puzzle together before the end. There are plenty of characters in this story to keep you guessing. This story definitely keeps you on your toes and though I really felt the spark between Keira and Teun I wish there was more between the two characters. This story definitely awoke the travel bug in me, that’s for sure!

Thank you, Nicole, for this great review. 


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