Tuesday, 5 July 2016

In and out

Tuesday Tales

No - the 'in and out' does not refer to the EU Referendum across the UK which has snatched most of my energy and the bulk of my time during this past week.

My political interest in the aftermath of this momentous decision making is still absorbing a lot of my day but I'm actually referring to changes I've also been making to various pieces of my writing.

Around this time last year, I got a brand new laptop and was going through the process of transferring what seemed like thousands of documents from old to new laptop. Along the way, I'd also decided to store a lot of these files on a separate hard disc for security. The theory was good but I recently found that there were some hitches to the process. Some files seem to have got lost along the way ...or are buried in folders where I don't expect them to be. The fact is I can't locate some really important files.

Some of my 'book' files had recently been updated before June 2015 but, sadly, they didn't survive the transition processes. Put that down to lack of care; bad computer housekeeping; and too many general distractions at the time they were happening.

So... back to the 'In and out'.
I've just spent a few days reformatting my self-published time travel book for teens The Taexali Game.  I've mainly been promoting and selling this novel at a local level (geographically) and haven't been promoting it much across Amazon. It was only when I saw a copy of my ebook version on a Samsung tablet, and not my old basic kindle, that I realised there was a 'run on ' of chapters. This isn't the case in my Createspace paperback version so I was horrified to realise I'd not properly checked on my original kindle version when it was published some time ago. I hold myself totally responsible since I was focused on getting the paperback version published first and the ebook version was the 'automatic option' given at the end of the Createspace paperback publishing process.

Of course, all the tricks I learned last year about formatting a document had vanished in the mist and I had to remind myself how to do it all over again.

Beware! What seems okay might not be. I'm now waiting for the new upload to be in place so that I can check the ebook is a much better version.

Fingers crossed. But I'm a bit impatient.

ps...I've also reduced the price for a special promotion time.


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