Friday, 15 January 2016

The Craigsmuir Affair by Jen Black

My thoughts on The Craigsmuir Affair by Jen Black 

I've read a couple of Jen Black's novels already, enjoyed them and I looked forward to reading this new one, published in 2015.

I have times when I want purely to be entertained and to read something relatively uncomplicated. This week was like that since a family bereavement was casting a very sad shadow and my mood was pretty fragile. I needed something to lift my spirits and make me forget the realities. When I scrolled down my tablet to see the books in my TBR pile, I was confident that this novel would do the trick...and it did. 

I very much enjoyed reading this Victorian romantic mystery. The settings are well drawn and the characters are likeable- at least most of them are, those being the ones you're meant to like! High handed and autocratic Adam Grey might be but he comes across as the man you really would want to sit beside at a formal dinner table. Even though attending to the rituals is a bit of a trial for him he does it with affable manners. However, that doesn’t mean he’s averse to breaking the occasional society rule or two as he gets to know the attractive, if a little na├»ve 18 year old Daisy Charleton. Most of the wealthy house guests have a 'trade' background rather than inherited title and I liked the lack of snobbery over this at a time when Victorian high society was still riddled with condescension. 

The Victorian house parties aren’t tedious when both Adam and Daisy attend them. Solving the mystery of the stolen artworks is fairly simple if the reader picks up the well inserted clues. Recommended for those who enjoy Victorian Romance.

I gave this fun story 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. 


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