Monday, 18 January 2016

#Monday Moments ...& pitching it local!

My #Monday Moments are delighted ones!

It's time to do a bit of self promotion and share the news that I just sold 10 copies of The Taexali Game, my Teen/ YA time travel historical adventure, to my local primary school.

I'm absolutely delighted that this has happened because I now hope that my story will be read and discussed by local teens in their class reading group. My intention when writing the novel was for exactly this to happen, so I now have the task of 'pitching the novel' to other schools in the local area having given them a credible reason to buy a set for as an addition to their reading scheme.

One large question occurs to me- do I send a snail mail letter, or do they tend to prefer an email these days? Meanwhile...

Everyone loves playing advanced interactive computer games, don’t they?

Callum Fraser’s games are totally awesome but when his Rubidium Time-Leap flips Aran Bruce and his best friends—Brian and Fianna Fraser—back to AD 210, the reality is incredible. They have a task list to fulfil, which includes solving a local mystery, but it’s a nightmarish business when Ancient Roman Emperor Severus and his legions heap death and destruction on the Taexali Celts of northern Britannia.

Giving help to Celts and Romans alike becomes a lethal assignment—some Celtic chiefs are as foul as Severus and his beastly son Caracalla. Dicing with death becomes the norm for the time travellers from Kintore, Aberdeenshire.

Will they complete the mission and return to Callum unscathed?

You can buy your copy HERE ...

or contact me via my EMAIL for details to buy a specially signed copy. 


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