Saturday, 23 January 2016

Five Guns Blazing- An enjoyable adventure set in the early 1700s

Five Guns Blazing by Emma Rose Millar and Kevin Allen. 
I've just finished reading this excellent historical adventure, published by Crooked Cat, and it just so happens to also be another of the 3 featured historical novels on the Crooked Cat Books page on Facebook during the week beginning the 22nd January - like The Beltane Choice is. 

Here are my thoughts on Five Guns Blazing, an enjoyable adventure set in the early 1700s though it also has darker aspects to it. 

This was an engrossing read from the outset- a well written, enjoyable romp set in the early 1700s. The novel is packed with interesting historical details making the different settings come vibrantly alive. The gritty horrors of the workhouse, convict ships and plantation life aren’t glossed over, at least not too much since it’s for general readership. Laetitia Beedham is swept up into situations which seem almost farcical and yet the documented evidence proves that life in the workhouses of London; the convict and slave ships; and the Caribbean plantations was horrendous during that era.

I had a little trouble believing that her guise as Nathaniel could last so long but when needs  must… pirates come in all shapes and sizes, some of whom are just a tad more wicked than others! You'd have to read yourself to find out just how wicked Pirate Jack Rackham is in Five Guns Blazing. 

I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. 


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