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Monday Moments with Angela Raines/Doris McCraw

Doris McCraw
My Monday Moments slot features the author- Angela Raines 
- who is also a very talented  lady I know better as fellow blogger Doris McCraw. 

I recently did a short review on one of her stories - Home For His Heart - and today, you'll see more of her work.

At my regular Writing Wranglers and Warriors Blog, I love to read about Doris' updates on her excellent research into the earliest female doctors of Colorado. If you want to read more of that wonderful writing you can access it via the archives on the wranglers blog  HERE and she also pens excellent poems- particularly haiku on her Five Seven Five blog.

And today, you'll see that as well as writing Western Romances she also writes in the Medieval Era.

Writing as Angela Raines, she has 4 stories available to buy now, 2 of which are within anthologies.

The 2 novels by Angela Raines are:

Clara Cross ran away as a young girl after the suspicious deaths of her parents, and has spent the last nine years trying to find safety from a man she had reason to fear. Finally landing in the small town of Agate Gulch in the high Colorado mountains, she believes she may have found a safe home at last, and can send for the brother she had to leave behind. Sam Tower is the man she loves—but would he ever give her a second glance? When Clara’s past catches up with her, her survival depends on her own strength and courage, as well as Sam’s. 

Sam Tower runs on a ranch with his friend, Paul Ward, near Agate Gulch. Sam has been running from the past since the loss of his family, and the injury he received as a fife and drum boy in the Civil War. Clara is everything he admires and loves—but she is too good a person for him. When Clara is kidnapped, Sam begins a journey of discovery and finds what he’s always wanted—a HOME FOR HIS HEART.


Given a chance at freedom for a crime he didn't commit, Drew Carson must kill for his pardon. Taken to a lush valley where a beautiful woman lives, Luke, Drew's "rescuer", lets him know that the woman is his target--kill her, and he's a free man. But there's something strange about the valley. Time stands still, and nothing is as it seems. Will Drew trade murder for love?

Buy Angel of Salvation Valley

And the Anthologies are:

One Christmas Knight is on my TBR list, sitting waiting in my kindle queue.

Come join us around the Yuletide fire in a comfortable chair with a flagon of ale as we celebrate the upcoming holiday season with ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT! This wonderful collection of Christmas stories from the medieval time period will take hold of your imagination and won’t let go until long after you’ve turned the very last page.

You’ll be entranced with these seven tales of knights and their ladies from some of today’s top medieval authors, as well as some rising stars in this up-and-coming genre.

Deborah Macgillivray, Lindsay Townsend, Keena Kincaid, Livia J. Washburn, Tanya Hanson, Angela Raines, and C. Marie Bowen offer you some of the best medieval Christmas stories written, filled with romance and intrigue, laced with holiday traditions and celebrations of this rich era.

Prairie Rose Publications is proud to introduce yet another wonderful collection of Christmas tales for your reading pleasure. ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT is sure to bring you hours of enjoyment as you read on to find out how these knights and ladies will find their very own "happily-ever-after" endings at this very best time of year—Christmas!

Buy One Christmas Knight

When the Fourth of July rolls around, it’s time for a good, old-fashioned, rip-roaring COWBOY CELEBRATION! And what could be better on this steaming hot holiday than to relax with a book bursting with stories about — AHEM — even hotter cowboys and their feisty ladies? A COWBOY CELEBRATION pops and sizzles with seven colorful, sensuous stories by some of PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS — best authors. As an added bonus, each story mentions a tasty picnic dish (with recipes included!) for your next COWBOY CELEBRATION! Lorrie Farrelly — The Longest Way Home — Maddie, an orphan, is torn when her father shows up to reclaim her from her adoptive mother. Meg Mims — Winner Takes All — Cora Peterson's plan to beat her rival at a picnic auction brings about a surprising end and an unexpected love... Julia Daniels —For the Love of Grace — Poppy travels west to find her sister—but her own happily-ever-after awaits, as well. Beverly Wells —Brighter Tomorrows — Callie trusts no man. Chase Matlock is fearful to love again. He gets his man, she gets her adventure, and together they find it all. Agnes Alexander — Second Chance at Love — A temporary living arrangement might lead to something else when love enters the mix. Angela Raines — Never Had a Chance — How can a deadly trick bring two people the love they didn't know they needed? Linda Carroll-Bradd — Forged by Fire — Can a wounded soul find solace in the attentions from a cook who nurtures through her culinary creations?

More about Angela/Doris:
Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris McCraw. Originally from the mid-west, Doris now calls the Rocky Mountains her home. Doris is a writer, historian, actor,and teacher. An avid reader Doris loves to spend time in history archives looking for the small, unknown pieces of history. Many times these pieces end up in her stories or poems.

A photographer, Doris also writes haiku and combines them with her photography.
In here spare time she writes/casts and performs with a local murder mystery company.

Amazon Author Page:
Actor and Casting Director for
 Red Herring Productions.
 Photo and Poem:

Thank you for featuring here, today, Doris and I wish you the very best for all of your writing and artistic projects! 


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