Sunday, 6 December 2015

Home For His Heart by Angela Raines

Sunny Sunday wishes to you!

Yes, in my part of the world it actually is sunny this morning, with only a little of the wind lingering from Storm Desmond. 

I've been doing a lot of housekeeping of my kindle books this morning and find that I'm still behind with posting of some book reviews. I've a lot of virtual friends via Facebook, blogs and other author groups and when possible I try to read their work and post a short comment on it.

This morning's reflections are on a sweet 'Western' historical romance written by a blogging friend. I hadn't read what I'd call 'Western/Cowboy' romances for a while so it was a quick and pleasant read.

It reminded me of the romances I used to sneak a read of when I babysat as a teenager ( I was 15). The neighbour I babysat for was a devotee of Mills and Boon romances which arrived via the postal service every month. This was at a time when the only book club I'd ever heard of was The Reader's Digest so sneaking a read of her novels was quite daring and quite different from the books I was borrowing from the public, or school, library. 

The little boy was about 3 and actually needed no effort to babysit. He was always in bed by 8 p.m. on the Friday nights that I was there and he was asleep pretty well immediately. That meant a good few hours of reading before the parents came home somewhere between half past eleven and midnight. I could easily romp through a Mills and Boon in about 2 hours, so even if little Steven woke up, I still finished a novel in an evening sit. I'm pretty sure my neighbour knew what I was doing but she never ever said anything and her books were always left handy in a wooden newspaper storage rack near the fireside. If there was nothing in there that I hadn't read, it wasn't a disaster because I always went armed with a book of my own and my knitting. Back in the mid 1960s television transmission was over by a little after 10.30 p.m. so a book was an absolute necessity!  

So Home For His Heart... Here's what I've posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

This is an enjoyable novel set in a time when it must have been a very hard life for many who were new to prairie life. Women setting themselves up in business can’t have been all that common- not when doing it pretty well all alone. For reasons of escaping her turbulent past that’s what Clara, the main female character, needs to do and she does it well even keeping up a deception that’s been very hard to continue with- till that past catches up with her. 
The main male character, Sam, has lots of issues to overcome before he can persuade Clara she really is the woman to make both of their futures the best possible. 
This is a heart-warming romance with characters full of flaws, though some show that they can overcome that.  


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