Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kindred Spirits: Tower of London by Jennifer Wilson

Kindred Spirits: Tower of London 
by Jennifer Wilson

I've just finished reading this very intriguing novel by Jennifer Wilson. Here are my thoughts on it: 

There’s a compulsion to read on through the daily dramas of the ghosts of the Tower to find out if Richard III’s mission in finding his nephews is successful as this amazingly different story unravels.
The cast of characters is impressive as different generations of ghosts intermingle on a daily basis: both with their spirit brethren and with the contemporary visitors who wander the Tower of London. As someone who visited the Tower in February 2015, in many ways thankful that I was too late to venture all inside, I’m quite glad to have read this novel in December 2015 and not before my visit. Though not superstitious, I might not have gone to the visit the Tower at all! The idea that my living world is also inhabited with a multitude of ghosts is something that’s pretty hard to reconcile with so all I’ll say is that I’m glad the author doesn’t go into too much detail about the ghosts of the Tower scaring the tourists who visit their haunts.
Keeping up with the ‘contemporary’ relationships of the ghosts is an engrossing entertainment and I’m glad to have read sufficient history to patch together the protagonists- some who were less than kind to each other in life.

When it comes, in this fairly quick read, the resolution of the quest seemed to me to be just a little abrupt- yet, I also couldn’t anticipate any other sort of ending. 

I'm now wondering if there is more to this version of Richard III's story and if it will continue in some other location.

An engrossing read- especially for anyone who enjoys the paranormal interspersed with history! 

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