Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday viewing!

Wednesday dawns rainy and misty here in my neck of the woods.

It doesn't look like my plan for 'more autumn garden tidy-up' is going to happen today, so while I'm composing a radio advert, I'm sharing this video highlighted to me by a 'friend' on one of my Facebook groups.

I'll be watching the whole of it later but the beginning certainly looks promising since my current research reading is all about Hadrian's Wall. The wall is sure to feature on this video about the incredible feats of engineering that the Romans undertook as they extended their vast empire.




  1. It's raining here too--has been for two entire days, which is rather strange for Florida.

  2. Hello, Crystal. I sometimes wish for less rain in Scotland, but if that was the case I'd live in a very different landscape!


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