Friday, 30 October 2015

That radio commercial!

Freaky Friday!

Well, actually it wasn't so bad at all.

At the due time I turned up to record the radio advert for my books on my local radio station NECR Scotland.

John was very welcoming and popped me into the 'box'  where I recited my spiel. My suggested text had been changed very slightly from my final version because my local radio tend to do only '30 second' adverts when it's a concentrated burst of broadcasting. My original commercial was running at around 1 minute which I managed to reduce to 45 seconds - pretty well a 'no breaths in between' job.

The version which will broadcast next week, on three consecutive days, will have some underlying music which I have still yet to hear, though I'm really looking forward to hearing what John will choose for it. I hoping to be able to share at a later date after it has broadcast!

All in all, it was a positive experience and one which I could actually have done in only 1 take if John hadn't decided to have me repeat the telephone number - something which had been 'cut' by the advertising department to shorten it. Saying it twice won't do any harm, I don't think...and it's closer to the 3 times recommended by most internet sites on 'How to write a radio commercial'.

Tomorrow, I'm off to sell my books at Ellon, Aberdeenshire. We'll see how that goes.

Pssst... I'm really not wanting to think about that magical 'C' word yet since it's only Halloween tomorrow but the craft fair of tomorrow has been advertised as a "Christmas Craft Fair" so I have to get out the twinkling red and green lights and the tinsel.

Oh, no! Shock horror. I don't have tinsel and will have to make do with some tiny tasteful Christmas items- just to set the mood for PRESSIE buying.


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