Monday, 28 September 2015

#Monday Moments with Insectipids!

Good morning, Monday!
(If you're inclined towards arachnophobia you might just want to read this very, very quickly. -  Just joking!)
My #Monday Moments are with a fellow Crooked Cat author, June Gundlack. June's a witty lady who has more than her fair share of difficult things to contend with in daily life, but she's taken time out to share her Teen/ YA science fiction/ fantasy novel Insectipids with us today.

I don't know about you, but I'm generally okay with spiders when they're in very small numbers. I can handle a wolf spider, or two, without taking off down the street screaming my head off. I even once had to hold a tarantula when 'The Bug Man' came to visit my class of nursery kids, back around 2011, but if there was a marching army of those spiders? I'm just not that sure.

So what's June's Insectipids all about? ...

It’s only a fly… 

Often ridiculed for being different was normal for young James Allen. 

He was used to it – until he found himself on the receiving end of a happy-slapping incident. This turned out to be the spur he needed to change his life and, in doing so, for him to make a difference to the rest of the world. 

Inspired by his secret childhood friend, Zoga, his decision takes him on adventures far and wide, introducing him to challenges most adults would cringe at or shy away from. 

A short while before his 16th birthday, James develops an increase in physical and mental powers. Energised by his drive and ability to think and act faster than most, he saves the world from the nemesis known as INSECTIPIDS. 

“It’s only a fly.” Those four simple words will forever be a reminder that ‘only’ could mean far worse… 

Insectipids - an inter-galactic adventure for young and young adult readers!

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Here's a little about June:
June has enjoyed an interesting working life beginning as a medical secretary (which lasted for 24 years) before moving into legal and finance. 
During the day, June works in London. By night she scribbles stories.
Some of June's short stories have appeared in charity anthologies - 100 Stories for Queensland, Shambelurkling and Shambelurklers Return.
The Weekly News published her short story, Freddie Smith's Win. 
June writes about many day-to-day events, with a leaning towards humour and these often appear on the Letters pages in national press.
Inspiration for June's first novel, 'Insectipids', came from her nephew Ben and his friend James. Her love of adventure, mystery, challenge, theatre and music all play a part in the novel.

Find June at theses places: 
Thank you for sharing Insectipids today, June. Best wishes!

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