Monday, 21 September 2015

#Monday Moments are with The Taexali Game in Roman Scotland

Good Morning Monday!

My #Monday Moments slot this week focuses on my time travelling trio who go back to AD 210 in The Taexali Game. 

When the story opens, the three thirteen year olds—Aran, Brian and Fianna—believe they're playing a virtual adventure game and have to work out the mystery of where they have travelled to, as well as cope with what's happening around them. 

The target location of the game is northern Britannia, AD 210. It's a topographical location they know very well- once they work out the differences that many, many centuries can make. They soon find out that the main threat to the landscape isn't a 21st century one of man destroying the ancient environment with chemicals or bombs; or with over-population in urban areas; or with building programmes which build over archaeological remains laid down millennia ago. 

The threat back in northern Britain, in AD 210, is one of Ancient Roman expansion. It's a time when the ancient Emperor Severus is determined to extend the boundaries and frontiers of the Ancient Roman Empire. His indomitable plan is to conquer the last bastion of resistance on the western front of the Empire- that of the Maetae ( Miathi) and Caledonian tribal federations. 
(Roman Emperor Severus - under CC licence British Museum)

In The Taexali Game, the three time travellers find that the Roman Emperor Severus has marched his legions northwards and have reached what is now called Aberdeenshire, his intent being more than to dominate the local Celtic tribes. His policy is that of slash and burn—leave the land so damaged the locals can gain nothing from it…for decades, or maybe even centuries.

Everyone loves playing advanced interactive computer games, don’t they?

Callum Fraser’s games are totally awesome but when his Rubidium Time-Leap flips Aran Bruce and his best friends—Brian and Fianna Fraser—back to AD 210, the reality is incredible. They have a task list to fulfil, which includes solving a local mystery, but it’s a nightmarish business when Ancient Roman Emperor Severus and his legions heap death and destruction on the Taexali Celts of northern Britannia.

Giving help to Celts and Romans alike becomes a lethal assignment—some Celtic chiefs are as foul as Severus and his beastly son Caracalla. Dicing with death becomes the norm for the time travellers from Kintore, Aberdeenshire.

Will they complete the mission and return to Callum unscathed?

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