Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blog guesting!

Happy Saturday wishes to you.

It's been an extremely busy week during which I've been transferring files from my old laptop to an external hard disk before loading up some things onto my shiny new laptop! 

As well as disentangling loads of facts and files, I've been writing a series of author talks for local bookings. This has meant reminding myself how to create a PowerPoint Presentation, something I've not done since around 2007/8.

I was also guest blogging at 2 places on Friday 11th Sept. - different posts about the plot and characters in TAKE ME NOW. Hop on over and read about them at Miriam Drori and Claire Stibbe 's Blogs.

I'm also out today at my every second Saturday Writing Wranglers and Warriors Blog where that new laptop is the subject! Read that HERE.


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