Thursday, 5 February 2015

This one... or that one?

Thursday thrills? 

Nope! I've not had any today, apart from being pleased that I've dashed off another couple of posts/ interviews for going guest blog visiting.

One of my topics - 'Using Images' - had me taking a little diversion to make a new February poster. Simple and quick and I'll soon add it to my pinterest board.

However, finding suitable images to create promotional material for The Taexali Game isn't happening easily, but I'll be sharing and shouting when I find some nice ones.

Septimius Severus Wikimedia Commons
The Roman Emperor Severus was a really nice man -  No...lots of people didn't think so then and others don't think so now either. His wonderful sons Caracalla and Geta seem to have drummed up an even more impressive antipathy, especially Caracalla who wasn't a nice lad at all if his recorded exploits were true. I don't believe anyone would have wanted to be within a mile of Caracalla.

In The Taexali Game- Aran and Fianna- have the pleasure of meeting Severus and Caracalla. Are they impressed? Mmmm... I'll be releasing some snippets this weekend but here are some images get you thinking!

Image on the right is of Caracalla. This bust is in The Louvre, Paris. (Wikimedia Commons)

I'm sure I can use them in some way or another. Watch out for their re-appearance in the coming months. 


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